Month: August 2016

Apple bites/Ciasteczka z jabłkami

This light pastry with apples makes a great company for your cup of tea. These mini cakes are not to sweet but very delicious….

Cherry crumble tart/Tarta wiśniowa

This tart is made with sweet cherries, shortcrust pastry and almond and pecan crumble. Pecan can be replaced by oat flakes, almond flakes or anything you like that adds this extra crunch to the tart….

White chocolate and raspberry cake/Tort z białą czekoladą i malinami

This light sponge cake with white chocolate cream and raspberry sauce will melt in your mouth. Delicious and not to sweet, great for every occasion….

Courgette bread/Chleb cukiniowy

Soft and tasty, great for sandwiches or toast. I have made it with sourdough starter but the recipe would work great without it because it contains dried yeast. Definitely worth trying….

Cabbage rolls (Golabki)

One of my childhood’s favourites – “Golabki” – is a dish consisting of cooked cabbage leaves and variety of fillings. Traditionally its made with minced pork, boiled rice and seasoning, served with tomato sauce. I have decided to cook vegetarian version and replaced meat with red lentils. I turned out to be the best version of…

Mini Cheesecakes/Mini serniczki

These bite sized cheesecakes will make a perfect dessert. Very quick to prepare and bake. You can decorate them with blueberries, raspberries, sprinkles or any topping you like – I’ve chosen grated milk chocolate and white chocolate….

Fishcakes/Kotleciki rybne

This is my favourite way of serving fish for my family. These tasty fish cakes are very easy to make and there is always plenty for two days so that saves me cooking “tomorrow” :lol:. Best enjoyed with loads of salad, eg. rocket, avocado and tomatoes and, of course, salad cream or mayonnaise.