Month: September 2016

Poppy seed bread rolls/Bułeczki pszenne

…Because this morning there was no bread at home… And I thought, it would be very nice to greet my husband with fresh, aromatic and crunchy bread rolls when he comes back from work  🙂  . So this is what I have done……

Lemon and courgette cupcakes/Babeczki cytrynowe z cukinią

Lemon and courgette muffins? Sounds like a bizarre combination but believe me it works great. If you don’t,  just try this recipe and you’ll change your mind. These muffins are soft and moist, very lemony, complemented by the “Queen of spices” – cardamom, taste delicious….

Big cake pops/Bajaderka

These cakes are rich and sweet, and made instead of something I primarily had in mind. I was planning to bake an orange cake, I have found recipe and follow it step by step… But the outcome was not exactly what I expected 😆 … Instead of soft and fluffy orange loaf I found something…