Month: October 2016

Sourdough bread with pumpkin seeds/Chleb na zakwasie z pestkami z dyni

Pumpkin seeds add a lot of flavour to the bread.  This bread is made with sourdough starter and yeast to speed up the proofing. …

Pumpkin puree/Przecier(puree) z dyni

I have never cooked anything with pumpkin before so now, when the pumpkin season has arrived, it is time to try some new recipes. Lets start with pumpkin puree, which is very easy to prepare and can be used in many sweet or savoury dishes….

Red velvet chocolate chip cookies/Ciasteczka red velvet

Pretty and delicious, perfect for Valentine’s Day or Christmas or any other occasion. I saw them here and fell in love with them straight away. The recipe I am sharing here is a modified version of the one I read on “Cooking Classy” blog….

Pancake parcels-Croquettes/Krokiety

In this post I would like to introduce you to a polish style croquettes recipe. There are many varieties of croquettes allover the world. In the UK, croquettes are known as cylinder shaped mashed potatoes covered in breadcrumbs and fried. In Spain they have Croquetas de Jamon, in Japan Korrokke, in Poland Krokiety, etc. Polish croquettes are made…