Month: March 2017

Tiger bread/Chleb tygrysi

It’s not as complicated as I first thought 😀. Tiger bread, also sometimes called Giraffe bread, it’s just a basic white bread, enriched with sesame oil and covered with rice flour paste to create this characteristic pattern….

Broccoli and almonds salad/Sałatka z brokułów z migdałami

I love salads and this is definitely one of my favorites. Even if you not a great fan of broccoli,  you should try this one and you might change your mind….

Baked doughnuts with raspberry jam/Pieczone pączki z dżemem malinowym

I was planning to make traditional, deep fat fried doughnuts… I have bought a lot of coconut oil, the refined one because it supposed to be the best, healthiest option for cooking and deep fat frying. I also purchased food thermometer to make sure the oil has the right temperature – it should be about…