Month: May 2017

Sourdough beer bread/Chleb piwny na zakwasie

This is another delicious sourdough bread recipe I came across recently. It comes from the book “Bread” by Jeffrey Hamelman. The rye sourdough and liquid levain is prepared at the same time and left to ripen for 14 to 16 hours at room temperature. This bread has got dense and moist texture with rich flavour…

Apple and pumpkin seeds muffins/Muffinki z jabłkami i pestkami z dyni

Super quick and easy apple muffins, spiced up with a pinch of cardamom and topped with pumpkin seeds. Delicious and healthy, great for breakfast or as an evening snack….

Whole-rye and whole-wheat sourdough bread/Razowy chleb pszenno-żytni na zakwasie

This bread is made with a combination of white bread flour, whole-wheat flour and sourdough based on whole-rye flour. The “pre-ferment” is prepared the day before and left to ripen for 12-16 hours. The whole process of making this bread takes minimum effort and gives us great results – the moist centre, somewhat denser crumb with…