Month: July 2017

Sourdough rye bread/Chleb żytni na zakwasie

This full of flavour, dense, dark rye sourdough bread is made with traditional sourdough starter and with pre-soaked whole-rye flour. It is mixed with boiling water and left over night. The soaked  rye gives the bread a subtle sweet note and also contributes to the bread’s great keeping quality….

Banana chocolate chip muffins/Mufiny bananowe z kawałkami czekolady

Very quick and easy to prepare, a tasty way to use those very ripe, unwanted bananas taking up space in the fruit bowl….

Walnut and raisins bread/Chleb z orzechami włoskimi i rodzynkami

Delicious, soft bread with crunchy walnuts and pre-soaked raisins, that reminds me with its taste and texture of hot cross buns. The soft texture is achieved by adding some butter and milk to the dough,  instead of just water like in traditional breads. I enjoy it best with a generous layer of butter and jam, accompanied…

Rye ginger cookies/Żytnie ciasteczka imbirowe

This is a recipe I have found on a bag of rye flour. I thought I’ll give it a try and I’m happy I have. The result: delicious, aromatic cookies, quick and easy to make….