Month: August 2017

Everyday bread/Chleb powszedni

This is just a basic, white bread. It is quick and easy to make, however… it has that delicious, golden crust – crunchy but not too hard. Just before placing in the oven, the bread is covered with a thick paste made of flour and water. And that’s what gives us this characteristic, cracked surface….

Crunchy nut cookies/Chrupiące ciastka orzechowe

It takes only 25 minutes to prepare, 10-15 minutes to bake and 10 minutes to cool down – it means that in just under one hour you’ll have delicious, home baked, crunchy, nutty cookies😍. …

Mixed seed and cranberry bread/ Chleb z ziarnami i żurawiną

Some bread flour, some whole-rye flour, some seeds and dried fruits make this delicious and crunchy bread. You can top the loaves with any kind of seeds or almonds or just cover the top with white flour, gently smooth it and score just before putting into the oven. Anything you choose the bread will taste…