Month: October 2017

Pumpkin cinnamon cheesecake/Sernik dyniowy z cynamonem

Delicious cake with smooth and creamy texture, made of pumpkin puree and cream cheese, spiced up with cinnamon. The base is a mix of walnuts, digestive biscuits and mixed spices. The surface is perfectly flat thanks to baking it in a water bath (bain-marie) and at a low temperature….

Honey tart/Tarta miodowa

This recipe comes from the book Simply Nigella. The crumbly shortcrust pastry contrasts perfectly with a surprisingly delicate filling that melts in your mouth. The cake is very sweet and rich so it’s better if you cut it into modest slices. …

Ginger beer pound cake/Ciasto imbirowe

Originally this cake was made with a pound of each ingredient – pound of butter, sugar, flour and eggs, hence the name “pound cake”. Although the proportions of ingredients have changed, the cake is still wonderfully rich, moist, and buttery with a beautiful golden brown crust.

Potato and leek soup with smoked haddock and peas

Smooth and thick soup served with smoked haddock flakes and small green peas. The smokey flavour of the fish makes a delicious combination with potato and leek spiced up with generous “pinch” of white pepper. Best enjoyed with slice of sourdough bread with butter.

Polish sourdough bloomer/Polski na zakwasie

This is a kind of bread I remember from my childhood. Rye and wheat sourdough bread with shiny crust and  full of flavour, slightly sour crumb. The smell of freshly baked bread that just came out of the oven brings back those carefree childhood memories. We used to have a small bakery opposite my primary…