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Victoria sponge cake

This victoria sponge cake is the most scrumptious,  fluffy and delicate cake I have ever eaten. The classic combination of vanilla sponge, buttercream and strawberry jam makes a great cake for any occasion….

Cherry jam and vanilla swirls

Cherry and vanilla are two of my favourite flavours. Combined with this soft and fluffy dough they will make the best breakfast rolls. The dough can be prepared in the evening, placed in the fridge over night and shaped in the morning. The swirls could also be shaped before placing in the fridge, covered with…

Scones/Tradycyjne angielskie scones

Scones are very well known classic British cakes. Delicious company for your afternoon tea, served usually with strawberry jam and a dollop of clotted cream on top or… with clotted cream and jam on top? 😉…