Tag: Boże Narodzenie

Soft gingerbread cookies/Mękkie pierniczki

Soft gingerbread cookies with simple icing decoration will make a perfect Christmas treat. The recipe is easy but the dough requires a few hours of chilling. It makes about 100 cookies….

Gingerbread cake/Torcik piernikowy

This gingerbread cake will be a perfect treat for Christmas. The cake is rich and moist with wonderful flavour of cinnamon, ginger, cloves and a hint of nutmeg. The layer of cherry jam goes well with the smooth meringue buttercream. Cake is easy to make, can be baked one or two days in advance, wrapped…

Gingerbread chunks with marzipan/Krajanka piernikowa z marcepanem

I was looking for perfect gingerbread recipe for Christmas. I came across many deliciously looking cake recipes but I could not decided whether to make loaf cake, gingerbread cookies or ginerbread-something-else. So I combined a few recipes together and the result was all I wanted, all in one bite!…

Mince pies/Angielskie babeczki “mince pie”

Mince pies are a mandatory element of Christmas, my must-have-must-eat sweet indulgence. With or without a cream or brandy sauce – equally enjoyed….