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Easy rye sourdough bread/ Łatwy chleb żytni na zakwasie

This bread is made mostly with wholemeal rye flour and small part of wheat bread flour. The texture is dense and moist. I like it best on the third day after baking, when it reveals its full flavour. The dough is made in two stages, sourdough preferment and final proofing, with no extra mixing every…

Sourdough rye bread/Chleb żytni na zakwasie

This full of flavour, dense, dark rye sourdough bread is made with traditional sourdough starter and with pre-soaked whole-rye flour. It is mixed with boiling water and left over night. The soaked  rye gives the bread a subtle sweet note and also contributes to the bread’s great keeping quality….

Rye ginger cookies/Żytnie ciasteczka imbirowe

This is a recipe I have found on a bag of rye flour. I thought I’ll give it a try and I’m happy I have. The result: delicious, aromatic cookies, quick and easy to make….

Linseed bread with an old bread soaker/Chleb z czerstwego chleba

This bread is a great way to use any leftover  bread. Stale rye sourdough, leavened wheat or pumpernickel – all kinds of bread can be used. The evening before baking, old bread is soaked in water and left over night. Just before adding it to the final dough, the soaked bread should be mashed so…