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Vanilla cupcakes/Babeczki waniliowe

The secret to the perfectly even vanilla cupcakes is to make sure the butter is soft but not melting, and all the ingredients should be at a room temperature.  Sticking to the mixing time stated in the recipe will prevent from over mixing the batter, which could result in a dense texture of your cupcakes….

Bubblegum cupcakes/Babeczki gumobalonowe:)

Cute looking, delicious and irresistibly bubblegummy cupcakes – you just have to make them….

Vanilla cupcakes/Babeczki waniliowe

These plain vanilla cupcakes are very quick and easy to make. The recipe is very versatile – add two tablespoons of cocoa powder and you’ll get chocolate cupcakes*, or add some lemon zest for lemon cupcakes. You can also scoop out the centre of a cupcakes and fill them with jam or lemon curd etc….

Pumpkin cupcakes/Babeczki z dyni

Pumpkin season continues. Pumpkin puree is ready so now it is time to bake something delicious out of it. Let’s start from a cupcake 🙂 …

Lemon and courgette cupcakes/Babeczki cytrynowe z cukinią

Lemon and courgette muffins? Sounds like a bizarre combination but believe me it works great. If you don’t,  just try this recipe and you’ll change your mind. These muffins are soft and moist, very lemony, complemented by the “Queen of spices” – cardamom, taste delicious….