Category: MINI CAKES

Bubblegum cupcakes/Babeczki gumobalonowe:)

Cute looking, delicious and irresistibly bubblegummy cupcakes – you just have to make them….

Amaretti and raspberry cupcakes/Babeczki z malinami i amaretti

This is a great way to convert plain vanilla cupcakes into something original and delicious. Just add crunchy amaretti biscuits and some raspberries for a refreshing taste.

Profiteroles with pastry cream/Profiterolki z kremem budyniowym

I think everybody knows these light pastry balls filled with smooth custard-like cream, topped with bittersweet chocolate ganache. It may seem at first that making profiteroles it’s very difficult and only experienced chefs can make choux pastry. I thought that as well and it took me a while before I decided to give it a…

Coffee creams/Kawowe ciasteczka

Delicious and easy to make coffee cookies with creamy filling. …

Gingerbread chunks with marzipan/Krajanka piernikowa z marcepanem

I was looking for perfect gingerbread recipe for Christmas. I came across many deliciously looking cake recipes but I could not decided whether to make loaf cake, gingerbread cookies or ginerbread-something-else. So I combined a few recipes together and the result was all I wanted, all in one bite!…

Apple and dried fruit muffins/Mufinki jabłkowe z rodzynkami

This was my breakfast today – what a great start of the day. Preparing and mixing the ingredients takes only a few minutes. Within half an hour your home is filled with incredible, sweet scent of cinnamon and baked apples….

Coconut and banana muffins/Mufiny bananowo-kokosowe

Yet again there were three ripe bananas left in the fruit bowl and nobody will even look in that direction. Although the skin doesn’t look too appetising with a few dark spots, fruits are completely fine inside and don’t deserve placing in a food waste bin. The best way to save them is to make…

Beetroot muffins with cream cheese frosting/Muffiny z buraczkami i kremem twarogowym

Beetroot cakes are usually made with melted dark chocolate or cocoa powder. This is a version without any of them. Instead of heavy, brownie-like consistency, these muffins are soft and fluffy, but still moist, with a nice crunch from the walnuts and subtle, slightly earthy taste of beetroot. Delicious!

Banana chocolate chip muffins/Mufiny bananowe z kawałkami czekolady

Very quick and easy to prepare, a tasty way to use those very ripe, unwanted bananas taking up space in the fruit bowl….

Apple and pumpkin seeds muffins/Muffinki z jabłkami i pestkami z dyni

Super quick and easy apple muffins, spiced up with a pinch of cardamom and topped with pumpkin seeds. Delicious and healthy, great for breakfast or as an evening snack….