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Banana loaf cake/Chlebek bananowy

One late afternoon after work I was craving something sweet but all I had was a bunch of very ripe bananas in a fruit bowl. Using this very simple recipe I turned them into a delicious, rich and moist banana cake….

Coconut and banana muffins/Mufiny bananowo-kokosowe

Yet again there were three ripe bananas left in the fruit bowl and nobody will even look in that direction. Although the skin doesn’t look too appetising with a few dark spots, fruits are completely fine inside and don’t deserve placing in a food waste bin. The best way to save them is to make…

Banana chocolate chip muffins/Mufiny bananowe z kawałkami czekolady

Very quick and easy to prepare, a tasty way to use those very ripe, unwanted bananas taking up space in the fruit bowl….