Tag: Kruszonka

Strawberries and crumble buns/Drożdżówki z truskawkami

Strawberries and crumble buns. Soft and sweet buns, topped with chopped strawberries and finished of with delicious crumble….

Blackcurrant jam shortbread

So simple and quick to make, delicious shortbread base with layer of jam topped with crumble. …

Crumble and blackberry cake/Ciasto drożdżowe z kruszonką

Soft and fluffy cake with a layer of fruits or jam, covered with sweet and crunchy crumble. Tastes best when it is still slightly warm and accompanied by a cup of tea….

Apple buns with crumble/Bułeczki z jabłkami i kruszonką

Smell heavenly, look tasty and taste delicious, yeast dough buns, stuffed with home-made apple filling and topped with crumble… Apple buns…

Cherry crumble tart/Tarta wiśniowa

This tart is made with sweet cherries, shortcrust pastry and almond and pecan crumble. Pecan can be replaced by oat flakes, almond flakes or anything you like that adds this extra crunch to the tart….