Category: Cheesecake

Red velvet cheesecake/Sernik “czerwony aksamit”

Beautiful combination of deep red sponge cake and white layer of cheesecake, covered with buttercream icing and decorated with crumbled cake trimmings. If you want to impress your friends and family with a dessert, this is definitely a good choice….

Lemon cheesecake/Sernik cytrynowy

This cheesecake will make a delicious refreshing dessert on a hot day. It’s a gluten-free version of a classic lemon cheesecake, where rather than using digestive biscuits I have added mixed nuts and raisins to the base. …

Cheesecake with mandarins/Sernik na zimno z mandarynkami

Delicious cake on a sweet shortcrust pastry base, with orange flavoured cream cheese layer and topped with mandarins pieces in orange flavoured jelly. It will make a great refreshing dessert for a hot day….

Millet groat vanilla “cheese”cake / Waniliowy sernik jaglany

This cheesecake is a great dessert alternative for vegans or people who can’t eat dairy products due to some health conditions. It is made of millet groats and almond milk, but any other plant based milk can be used….