Wensleydale cheese and peach salad

Delicious, healthy and quick to prepare Wensleydale cheese and peach breakfast salad. This mix of light, crunchy and scrumptious veggies and fruits will deliver loads of vitamins you gonna need during your day. Add a slice of your favourite toasted bread to complete this most important meal of the day….

Puff pastry tomato cheese swirls

These super quick and easy puff pastry swirls are great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening or any other time of a day…or night…

Amaretti and raspberry cupcakes/Babeczki z malinami i amaretti

This is a great way to convert plain vanilla cupcakes into something original and delicious. Just add crunchy amaretti biscuits and some raspberries for a refreshing taste.

Jagodzianki – Polish blueberry buns

Delicious, soft, sweet buns filled with  fresh blueberries and covered with thin icing….

Focaccia/Włoski chlebek focaccia

Focaccia is an Italian flat bread and a simple alternative to pizza. There are many kinds of focaccia, depending on the region of Italy they come from. From basic flat and crispy with salt and herbs to thicker and fluffy with dried tomatoes and olives. Focaccia from this recipe is the thicker, fluffy version, topped…

Lemon cheesecake/Sernik cytrynowy

This cheesecake will make a delicious refreshing dessert on a hot day. It’s a gluten-free version of a classic lemon cheesecake, where rather than using digestive biscuits I have added mixed nuts and raisins to the base. …

Profiteroles with pastry cream/Profiterolki z kremem budyniowym

I think everybody knows these light pastry balls filled with smooth custard-like cream, topped with bittersweet chocolate ganache. It may seem at first that making profiteroles it’s very difficult and only experienced chefs can make choux pastry. I thought that as well and it took me a while before I decided to give it a…

Cheesecake with mandarins/Sernik na zimno z mandarynkami

Delicious cake on a sweet shortcrust pastry base, with orange flavoured cream cheese layer and topped with mandarins pieces in orange flavoured jelly. It will make a great refreshing dessert for a hot day….

Fluffy pancakes with blueberries/Puszyste naleśniki z jagodami

Pancakes are probably the best thing to have for breakfast. These pancakes are soft and fluffy. You can add some blueberries, raisins or other fruits to the batter, or just have them plain. Serve with any kind of topping, eg. maple syrup, honey, lemon juice, some fresh strawberries and pouring cream, chocolate, nutella or any…

Millet groat vanilla “cheese”cake / Waniliowy sernik jaglany

This cheesecake is a great dessert alternative for vegans or people who can’t eat dairy products due to some health conditions. It is made of millet groats and almond milk, but any other plant based milk can be used….