Category: BREAD

Challah bread/Chałka

Delicious lightly sweet and soft challah bread with vanilla flavouring – perfect for breakfast. Simply served with butter,  jam and a cup of coffee……

Continental bread rolls/ Bułki pszenne

Delicious breakfast rolls, very popular in European countries like France, Germany, Poland etc. They’re very easy to make. These breadrolls will fill your home with wonderful smell of freshly baked crust in no time. They taste amazing with just some butter and jam….

Tear and share mini bread rolls

Delicious fluffy dinner rolls with a sweet buttery flavour. Best enjoyed while still warm….

Chocolate orange babka

  Perfect flavours for this time of a year – chocolate and orange. This plated loaf cake is easy to make, but the results are very impressive. Don’t think about it too much, just roll your sleeves up and create your own delicious babka!…

Focaccia/Włoski chlebek focaccia

Focaccia is an Italian flat bread and a simple alternative to pizza. There are many kinds of focaccia, depending on the region of Italy they come from. From basic flat and crispy with salt and herbs to thicker and fluffy with dried tomatoes and olives. Focaccia from this recipe is the thicker, fluffy version, topped…

Very easy homemade pizza dough/Najlepsze ciasto na pizzę

When you buy various basic foods, like flour or sugar etc, it is always worthy to check the bag for recipes and cooking tips. Just like this pizza dough recipe I found on the side of pizza flour bag. To make the perfect dough you need to use  type ’00’ flour and follow this easy…

Fluffy dinner rolls/Puszyste bułeczki obiadowe These delicious, fluffy breadrolls will go perfectly with a creamy soup, eg. celeriac and apple soup for your dinner or simply with butter and jam for breakfast….

No knead bread/Chleb bez wyrabiania

Delicious bread, easy to prepare, baked in a glass oven proof dish. It is soft and fluffy inside and crunchy on the outside. The dough doesn’t require kneading. Just mix all the ingredients with a spoon for a minute or two and leave to proof. …

Buckwheat bread/Chleb gryczany

Healthy, simple, delicious, gluten-free bread.

Poppy seed bread sticks/Paluchy chlebowe z makiem

Very easy to make, soft bread sticks, are great to be served with a salad, your favourite soup, or simply enjoyed on their own….