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Cornish pasty

Cornish pasty recipe from the two great guys on their bikes – travelling around the country Hairy Bikers showing the best of British food classics. This recipe is absolutely perfect – aromatic, golden brown, crumbly pastry filled with veg and lean beef steak….

Puff pastry tomato cheese swirls

These super quick and easy puff pastry swirls are great for breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening or any other time of a day…or night…

Focaccia/Włoski chlebek focaccia

Focaccia is an Italian flat bread and a simple alternative to pizza. There are many kinds of focaccia, depending on the region of Italy they come from. From basic flat and crispy with salt and herbs to thicker and fluffy with dried tomatoes and olives. Focaccia from this recipe is the thicker, fluffy version, topped…

Very easy homemade pizza dough/Najlepsze ciasto na pizzę

When you buy various basic foods, like flour or sugar etc, it is always worthy to check the bag for recipes and cooking tips. Just like this pizza dough recipe I found on the side of pizza flour bag. To make the perfect dough you need to use  type ’00’ flour and follow this easy…

Celeriac and apple soup/Zupa krem z selera i jabłek

Delicious creamy and healthy soup made of just a few ingredients and simple seasoning. The best enjoyed with fluffy dinner rolls or bread sticks….

Chickpea and apple curry

Very tasty and quick to prepare, vegetarian and vegan meal. Based on Channa masala but slightly modified. Instead of amchoor powder* I have added sumac, which gives the dish slightly lemony flavour and works well with the sweet taste of apple chunks.

Ham and cheese quiche/Placek lotaryński z szynką i serem

Today I would like to share with you this recipe for very tasty ham and cheese quiche. It is easy to make with simple ingredients and minimum effort.

Potato and leek soup with smoked haddock and peas

Smooth and thick soup served with smoked haddock flakes and small green peas. The smokey flavour of the fish makes a delicious combination with potato and leek spiced up with generous “pinch” of white pepper. Best enjoyed with slice of sourdough bread with butter.

Ham and cheese stuffed loaf/Chleb nadziewany szynką i serem

The loaf is a great idea for a dinner. Can be prepared early and frozen for up to two months. Easy to prepare, tasty, best if it’s served with salads….

Spicy carrot soup/Marchewkowa zupa krem

This is a recipe from my lovely sister Barbara. Starter, dinner or evening snack – whenever you feel like it. This soup is great for any occasion and will warm you up on a chilly day….