Category: SALADS

Wensleydale cheese and peach salad

Delicious, healthy and quick to prepare Wensleydale cheese and peach breakfast salad. This mix of light, crunchy and scrumptious veggies and fruits will deliver loads of vitamins you gonna need during your day. Add a slice of your favourite toasted bread to complete this most important meal of the day….

Rocket, walnuts and radish salad/Sałatka z rukoli, orzechów i rzodkiewki

I wanted something light for lunch today. Something colorful and healthy, with crunch and just a bit of spiciness to it. I found perfect ingredients in my fridge and within only a few minutes I had this beautiful salad. …

Matchsticks salad/Surówka z jarzynowych “zapałek”

There’s a lot of cakes and biscuits recipes on my blog, but I do eat healthy foods, too… Here is a proof: this crunchy veggie and fruit “matchsticks”. Not complicated, minimum preparation, just a nice idea for a side salad….

Broccoli and almonds salad/Sałatka z brokułów z migdałami

I love salads and this is definitely one of my favorites. Even if you not a great fan of broccoli,  you should try this one and you might change your mind….


Great salad that goes well as a side to any dinner. Quick and easy to prepare, and you probably have all ingredients in your fridge right now. I have replaced cabbage with iceberg lettuce simply because it is easier to slice and is softer but still crunchy….