Tag: Yeast dough

Jagodzianki – Polish blueberry buns

Delicious, soft, sweet buns filled with  fresh blueberries and covered with thin icing….

Crumble and blackberry cake/Ciasto drożdżowe z kruszonką

Soft and fluffy cake with a layer of fruits or jam, covered with sweet and crunchy crumble. Tastes best when it is still slightly warm and accompanied by a cup of tea….

Fluffy dinner rolls/Puszyste bułeczki obiadowe These delicious, fluffy breadrolls will go perfectly with a creamy soup, eg. celeriac and apple soup for your dinner or simply with butter and jam for breakfast….

No knead bread/Chleb bez wyrabiania

Delicious bread, easy to prepare, baked in a glass oven proof dish. It is soft and fluffy inside and crunchy on the outside. The dough doesn’t require kneading. Just mix all the ingredients with a spoon for a minute or two and leave to proof. …

Poppy seed bread sticks/Paluchy chlebowe z makiem

Very easy to make, soft bread sticks, are great to be served with a salad, your favourite soup, or simply enjoyed on their own….

Everyday bread/Chleb powszedni

This is just a basic, white bread. It is quick and easy to make, however… it has that delicious, golden crust – crunchy but not too hard. Just before placing in the oven, the bread is covered with a thick paste made of flour and water. And that’s what gives us this characteristic, cracked surface….

Baked doughnuts with raspberry jam/Pieczone pączki z dżemem malinowym

I was planning to make traditional, deep fat fried doughnuts… I have bought a lot of coconut oil, the refined one because it supposed to be the best, healthiest option for cooking and deep fat frying. I also purchased food thermometer to make sure the oil has the right temperature – it should be about…