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Continental bread rolls/ Bułki pszenne

Delicious breakfast rolls, very popular in European countries like France, Germany, Poland etc. They’re very easy to make. These breadrolls will fill your home with wonderful smell of freshly baked crust in no time. They taste amazing with just some butter and jam….

Fluffy dinner rolls/Puszyste bułeczki obiadowe These delicious, fluffy breadrolls will go perfectly with a creamy soup, eg. celeriac and apple soup for your dinner or simply with butter and jam for breakfast….

Fluffy pancakes with blueberries/Puszyste naleśniki z jagodami

Pancakes are probably the best thing to have for breakfast. These pancakes are soft and fluffy. You can add some blueberries, raisins or other fruits to the batter, or just have them plain. Serve with any kind of topping, eg. maple syrup, honey, lemon juice, some fresh strawberries and pouring cream, chocolate, nutella or any…

Poppy seed bread rolls/Bułeczki pszenne

…Because this morning there was no bread at home… And I thought, it would be very nice to greet my husband with fresh, aromatic and crunchy bread rolls when he comes back from work  🙂  . So this is what I have done……