Category: Muffins/Mufinki

Amaretti and raspberry cupcakes/Babeczki z malinami i amaretti

This is a great way to convert plain vanilla cupcakes into something original and delicious. Just add crunchy amaretti biscuits and some raspberries for a refreshing taste.

Apple and dried fruit muffins/Mufinki jabłkowe z rodzynkami

This was my breakfast today – what a great start of the day. Preparing and mixing the ingredients takes only a few minutes. Within half an hour your home is filled with incredible, sweet scent of cinnamon and baked apples….

Coconut and banana muffins/Mufiny bananowo-kokosowe

Yet again there were three ripe bananas left in the fruit bowl and nobody will even look in that direction. Although the skin doesn’t look too appetising with a few dark spots, fruits are completely fine inside and don’t deserve placing in a food waste bin. The best way to save them is to make…

Banana chocolate chip muffins/Mufiny bananowe z kawałkami czekolady

Very quick and easy to prepare, a tasty way to use those very ripe, unwanted bananas taking up space in the fruit bowl….

Apple and pumpkin seeds muffins/Muffinki z jabłkami i pestkami z dyni

Super quick and easy apple muffins, spiced up with a pinch of cardamom and topped with pumpkin seeds. Delicious and healthy, great for breakfast or as an evening snack….

Banana and cranberry muffins/Muffinki bananowe z żurawiną

What’s good about these muffins… Bananas: are rich in potassium – a mineral that helps to maintain healthy blood pressure, makes our hearts beating regularly and muscles to work properly. Cranberries are rich in fiber and just taste great. The best choice for a snack….