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Cheesecake with mandarins/Sernik na zimno z mandarynkami

Delicious cake on a sweet shortcrust pastry base, with orange flavoured cream cheese layer and topped with mandarins pieces in orange flavoured jelly. It will make a great refreshing dessert for a hot day….

No bake abstract cheesecake/Abstrakcyjny sernik gotowany

Creamy, delicious cheesecake on digestive biscuits base, covered with milk and vanilla jelly chunks and layer of strawberry jelly….

Jaffa-cake cake

    Sponge base ingredients: 2 large eggs 70g caster sugar 50g plain flour 20g potato starch Separate eggs, place egg whites in a mixing bowl and beat until you get stiff peaks. Continue to mix and slowly start adding sugar with a spoon until well combined, and then add egg yolks. Sift flour into the mixture…