Red velvet choc chip cookies (vol. 2)

Chocolate chip cookies again! This time soft red velvet cookies with white chocolate chips….

Lemon poppy seed cake

Delicious and full of lemon flavour sponge cake, layered with Ermine buttercream . The cream is light, smooth and great for piping with russian piping tips. The decoration is not as difficult to do as it seems, but definitely very impressive….

Blackcurrant jam shortbread

So simple and quick to make, delicious shortbread base with layer of jam topped with crumble. …

Soft gingerbread cookies/Mękkie pierniczki

Soft gingerbread cookies with simple icing decoration will make a perfect Christmas treat. The recipe is easy but the dough requires a few hours of chilling. It makes about 100 cookies….

Gingerbread cake/Torcik piernikowy

This gingerbread cake will be a perfect treat for Christmas. The cake is rich and moist with wonderful flavour of cinnamon, ginger, cloves and a hint of nutmeg. The layer of cherry jam goes well with the smooth meringue buttercream. Cake is easy to make, can be baked one or two days in advance, wrapped…

Tear and share mini bread rolls

Delicious fluffy dinner rolls with a sweet buttery flavour. Best enjoyed while still warm….

End of summer raspberry ombre cake

Raspberry ombree cake for the end of the summer. Light sponge layered with delicate mascarpone filling and covered with a smooth mirangue buttercream. 

Chewy rolo cookies

Chewy Rolo cookies are very easy to make. You can prepare them in advance and freeze until needed. Just take them out of the freezer and bake straight away following instructions below. From this recipe you’ll get 18 large cookies….

Rhubarb crumble slice/Ciasto drożdżowe rabarbarem

Rhubarb crumble is one of my favourite summer desserts. This one is different to the traditional rhubarb crumble made in an ovenproof dish. It is made on a thick, soft and fluffy, sweet yeasted dough base.

Bubblegum cupcakes/Babeczki gumobalonowe:)

Cute looking, delicious and irresistibly bubblegummy cupcakes – you just have to make them….